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Jockey set to motivate youth with diabetes



Race days are fast-paced and exciting for jockey Chris Rosier, but they are also full of challenges and victories related to his life with Type 1 diabetes. Diabetes Management & Supplies is giving Rosier, the only professional jockey with Type 1 diabetes racing in the United States, an opportunity to greatly impact the lives of children living with diabetes.

chris_cardfrontRosier was born in San Diego, but he says he “grew up” at the horse tracks.  He traveled and moved around quite a bit and now calls Haughton in Bossier Parish his home. While he has competed in big and small arenas, he has the distinction of racing in one of the biggest events of all, the Kentucky Derby. Rosier rode Summer Bird to a sixth-place finish in the 2009 Kentucky Derby.

Rosier has been riding professionally since he was 19, but found out he had diabetes when he was in his early 20s. His diagnosis came shortly after he broke his collarbone during a spill off a horse. Later, he was stricken by temporary blindness. Soon after, his doctors diagnosed him with Type 1 diabetes.

This summer, DMS will sponsor a series of appearances at diabetes camps for children.  Rosier will participate in Camp AZDA (Arizona Diabetes Association) June 6-12 and return to Louisiana in July for Camp Victory, the diabetes session of the Lions Club camps for children with medical or special needs.

Rosier, the company’s “Face of Diabetes,” is a part of the DMS patient family and feels it is important that children and teenagers know that diabetes does not limit them from having and achieving dreams. Rosier controls his diabetes with the help of Insulin Pump therapy and Continuous Glucose Monitoring. He wears both the Medtronic Insulin Pump and Enlite Continuous Glucose Monitor supplied by DMS.

Rosier has entered the Equibase Top 100 tier five times since 2000 and is currently ranked 145th out of 1,253 jockeys with $748,699 in earnings in 2015.

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