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Discount strips put buyers, sellers at risk


Diabetes testing supplies add expense to the load required to maintain good control of blood glucose. A new health threat is now presenting itself because third-party outlets like eBay, Craig’s List and are being flooded with deals on testing strips. Health care experts are warning that those bargains may put both the buyer and seller in harm’s way.

Depending on the brand, those little strips could costs $1 each and many people with diabetes use several each day, but an official with the American Diabetes Association points out many reasons to avoid the underground test strip market. Sue Kirkman, MD, the American Diabetes Association’s senior vice president for medical affairs and community information, says opportunities to resell strips are “incentivizing financially strapped people to sell their test strips rather than use them to maintain their health.”

What’s more, there is risk to the buyers, who may not know what they are getting. The FDA cautions it is important to know if strips have been stored right, not exposed to temperature extremes and aren’t expired.

The Diabetes Forecast offers tips in “Four Ways to Save on Strips” which include prescription assistance and shopping for meters based on the costs of the strips they use.

See Buyer Beware: Cut-Rate Test Strips for Sale for complete article.

Visit the DMS Products section for a list of safe, affordable testing supplies.

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