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Safe at School aids children with type 1 diabetes



safe_at_schoolsThe start of each new school year is full of to-do and shopping lists. Parents of children with type 1 diabetes top their lists with steps to avoid blood sugar highs and lows and ways to properly train their children to use glucose testing devices or insulin pumps. These parents aren’t following the crowd. What they must do may only affect one child in the school, but it is critically important.

The Safe at School initiative, started by the American Diabetes Association, has stepped forward to provide the extra direction and resources to help both children and caregivers affected by type 1 diabetes.

Safe at School helps families develop written plans to manage diabetes at school and ways to tackle the challenges that arise on both academic and medical fronts. Legal assistance is given to make sure each child’s needs are being met in school. Advocacy efforts on the state and national level help encourage legislation and public policy that aids children living with diabetes.

One example of Safe at School policy victories is Louisiana Senate Bill 759. Signed into law in two years ago, it allowed school employees to volunteer and be trained to help children with diabetes in school.

For more updates from around the country, visit Safe at School Updates on the ADA Web site.

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