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Take extra steps to keep safe in winter


cold_blanketAs the temperatures drop around the country, people living with diabetes should take a few extra steps to make the winter months safe and free of hazards.

Elaine Blackwood, a certified diabetes educator with Diabetes Management & Supplies, draws attention to many cold-weather tips starting with caution when using electric blankets and bathing or soaking in warm water.

Experts at the Mayo Clinic explain that one diabetes complication, nerve damage, can spread and cause loss of feeling in the limbs.  A person with nerve damage may not be able to sense if an electric blanket or heating pad is too hot. This can lead to burns. The same is true of water temperature when bathing.

If you have diabetes and would like to use an electric blanket, it is advised that you warm up your bed with the blanket before bedtime.  Later, turn the blanket off or remove it from the bed before you get in.

Other winter topics related to diabetes include:

  • Avoiding colds and the flu
  • Ways to stay warm
  • Eating well when it’s cold
  • Exercising and staying active in winter

For a detailed list, see Managing diabetes in the winter: Safety tips

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Ordering Supplies and Equipment

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