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Pumpers can reap benefits of exercise


Jay Hewitt lives with type 1 diabetes and competes in the Ironman Triathlon.

If you use an insulin pump to control your blood sugar, you might find the extra sets involved in staying physically fit are more than worth the effort. There’s no need to watch from the stands – jump in and enjoy the benefits and pleasures of sports and exercise.

The American Diabetes Association says by using an insulin pump, you can match your insulin to your lifestyle rather than adjusting your lifestyle to your body’s response to insulin injections.

“With help from your health care team, insulin pumps can help you keep your blood glucose levels within your target ranges both day and night, the ADA Web site explains. “People of all ages with type 1 diabetes use insulin pumps, and people with type 2 diabetes have started to use them as well.”

Even professional athletes like NFL quarterback Jay Cutler and Ironman Triathlon competitor Jay Hewitt have prevailed at both professional sports and day-to-day controlling of type 1 diabetes. Find Jay Hewitt’s story “Athlete with diabetes not raising any white flags” on this site.

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