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How to Increase Self-Control for Diet & Food

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Dec Infographic 2Food discipline is challenging to maintain throughout the many holiday parties. All the food and desserts act as a constant temptation. To manage your diabetes, you will have to work extra hard to maintain the willpower necessary for healthy eating habits. If you’re worried about struggling with diet and food this holiday season, just keep these tips in mind to increase your self-control and food discipline.

  • Be on the Offense: One of the best ways to stay ahead of your diet is to be on the offense. They say the best defense is a good offense, and the same goes for your food discipline. You can’t fall behind if you start far ahead due to preparation.
  • Define Your Goals: When you have an aim in mind, in this case, to increase your food discipline, one of the most powerful techniques is to define your goals ahead of time. The act of formally defining your goals can serve as a powerful motivator to stay on track. Write your goals down somewhere you can come back to frequently.
  • Practice Self-Compassion: At some point, you may find yourself cheating on your diet or slipping up. With all the temptations of the holidays and the fact that it is a time to relax and be merry with family, you’ll probably find yourself eating some foods you probably shouldn’t. Don’t beat yourself up, it’s not productive in the end.
  • Manage Your Stress & Sleep: As we’ve mentioned earlier, high-stress levels can wreak havoc on every aspect of your wellness if left unmanaged. The holidays might be jam-packed with parties and family plans, but for the sake of your health, both physical and psychological, make sure to get the right amount of sleep every day. Otherwise, you’ll feel extra stressed, fatigued, and much less disciplined with your diabetes management.
  • Make Healthier Treats & Food: In terms of a really practical technique, bake and cook healthy treats and food you can bring with you or serve at the holiday parties you have planned. We have numerous recipes on our website you can check out if you need some good ideas. Check them out here.
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Ordering Supplies and Equipment

A diabetes treatment plan is very important. Make sure you know how things should work. Carefully following any medication orders and instructions is vital to your plan's success. Make sure you don't run out of supplies just as you refill prescriptions so you don't run out of medication.

Here are some ways you can let us help you reorder supplies:

At Diabetes Management & Supplies, we value the part we play on your treatment plan team and realize that winning is promoting good health.