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Diabetes Disaster Preparedness

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A natural or man made disaster can have an unnerving affect on any individual.

Hurricanes, tornadoes, snowstorm and earthquakes call upon people to have a plan on hand.

Fires, gas leaks, and terrorists attacks can place a city and all its individuals in a state of rushed emergency.

When an individual has diabetes it is most important to have a plan.  Not just one single plan but also a plan for contingency action.

An individual should always have a stash of supplies ready. Test strips, batteries, pump and CGM supplies, and skin preps or alcohol pads packed in a to–go bag or plastic case by the door.

Insulin will need a way to remain cold so a container that maintains temperature should be readily available. Prescriptions for current diabetes medications should be current and placed in a plastic baggie with a pen if you currently use a local pharmacy. If your medications are at a nationwide pharmacy, one should be able to obtain medications through the computerized system of records.

It is important that the individual wear some form of identification of the disease state.  Medical ID’s are available as bracelets, necklaces, dog tags even key chains that allow others to know ones health status.

Having plenty of portable water is a must whether you are stuck in your home for several days or on an evacuation route to a safer location.   Having at least three days worth of water for the individual with diabetes is a must to reduce the potential of dehydration.

Food is always an issue if evacuation is a solution in the plan.  Snacks that match carbohydrate needs should be available for the person with diabetes. Packing a bag filled with protein snacks, carb snacks and snacks with mono-unsaturated fats like nuts can be consumed if  restaurants or food store or chains are not  nearby.  An individual with diabetes can always carry a six pack of glucose control liquid meal supplement if that restaurant which is only two miles away takes six hours to reach.

Planning ahead can be the best solution to disaster situations as it can reduce the stress of the event and help maintain blood glucose in target ranges.

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Ordering Supplies and Equipment

A diabetes treatment plan is very important. Make sure you know how things should work. Carefully following any medication orders and instructions is vital to your plan's success. Make sure you don't run out of supplies just as you refill prescriptions so you don't run out of medication.

Here are some ways you can let us help you reorder supplies:

At Diabetes Management & Supplies, we value the part we play on your treatment plan team and realize that winning is promoting good health.