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Walking path to improved control, health

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about-walk-groupSome of the biggest hindrances to starting an exercise program are choosing an exercise, finding the time to do it and the expense of exercising. The easiest solution is to walk away from those obstacles. Really, just walk away!

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) offers a few guidelines to make walking or any exercise safe and effective. They suggest people with pre-diabetes, diabetes, or the general adult public should aim for a minimum of 30 minutes most days. Walking, gardening, doing yard work, swimming, or cleaning house will all work to meet this goal. Anything that increases your heart rate and causes you to break a light sweat.

Walking is both popular and highly recommended for people with diabetes. It’s easy, relaxing and can be done practically anywhere. Brisk walking is a viable solution that only requires a place to walk and a good pair of shoes.

Diabetes Management & Supplies can help with the selection and fitting of shoes customized to your needs. This newsletter article “The Benefits of a Properly Fitted Shoe for People with Diabetes” offers valuable information on shoes and DMS contact needed to arrange a fitting. You can also call 888-738-7929 to arrange a shoe fitting.


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Ordering Supplies and Equipment

A diabetes treatment plan is very important. Make sure you know how things should work. Carefully following any medication orders and instructions is vital to your plan's success. Make sure you don't run out of supplies just as you refill prescriptions so you don't run out of medication.

Here are some ways you can let us help you reorder supplies:

At Diabetes Management & Supplies, we value the part we play on your treatment plan team and realize that winning is promoting good health.