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Fruit holds healthy appeal for diabetes control

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Living with diabetes and maintaining control is often seen as a mandate to categorize and keep lists of food “no-nos.” Fruit is often lumped in the category “do not eat” because of the sugar content found in naturally-occurring fructose.

Experts at Health Hubs advise keeping fruit in your meal plan and explain that there are many fruits a person with diabetes can enjoy which do not adversely affect blood sugar levels. Some fruits may actually improve blood sugar control and insulin sensitivity over time.

Remember, part of the fruit appeal is the peel. Fiber rich foods are generally safe for people with diabetes to eat because they tend to have a lower glycemic index (GI) and therefore do not spike blood sugar levels to the same extent as high GI foods. This is because fiber delays the emptying of stomach contents into the small intestine which slows down the absorption of sugar into the blood stream.

pearsFiber rich fruits tend to be fruits with edible skins and seeds. These two parts of the fruit are highest in fiber. Fruits high in fiber include (fiber content in brackets): passion fruit (10.4%), raspberries (6.5%), apples (2.5%), pears (2.1%), apricots (2.1%), blueberries (2.7%), kiwifruit (2.1%), strawberries (2.0%), pomegranates (3.4%) and avocados (6.7%).

Pears are packed with health benefiting nutrients such as dietary fiber, anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins, which are necessary for optimum health.

Pears are a good source of dietary fiber. Most of the fiber in them is non soluble polysaccharide (NSP), which functions as a good bulk laxative in the gut. Additionally, the gritty fiber content binds to cancer-causing toxins and chemicals in the colon, protecting its mucous membrane from contact with these compounds.

In addition, pear fruit is one of the very low calorie fruits, provides 58 calories per 100g. Just a few sections a day in the diet can bring significant reduction in weight and blood LDL cholesterol levels.

Chef John Wright of Diabetes Management & Supplies is a big proponent of bringing fruit into every aspect of the dinner table. His Pear Salad features sweet and tangy flavors, fresh shaved pears and a homemade cranberry vinaigrette dressing.

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Shaved Pear Salad

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Salad Ingredients:

  • Spring Lettuce Mix
  • Pear – shaved
  • 2 Tbsp. Blue Cheese – crumbled
  • 1 Tbsp. Sunflower Seeds
  • 1 Tbsp. Sun Dried Cranberries
  • Sun Dried Cranberry Vinaigrette (Click HERE for recipe)


Blend dressing ingredients, toss with salad ingredients and serve.

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OneTouch recalls Verio IQ glucose meters

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The LifeScan unit of Johnson & Johnson is voluntarily recalling almost 2 million of its OneTouch Verio blood glucose meters because they malfunction at extremely high blood glucose levels.

The recall includes 1.2 million meters sold worldwide under the brand name OneTouch Verio IQ, says LifeScan spokesperson David Detmers. Of those, 90,000 are in the United States. Also recalled are 670,000 OneTouch Verio Pro meters in Europe, and 4,900 OneTouch Verio Pro + meters used in hospitals and clinics in various markets outside the United States.

Each of the One Touch Verio models malfunction a bit differently at blood glucose levels of 1024 mg/dL and higher.

Click HERE for entire recall notice.

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Ordering Supplies and Equipment

A diabetes treatment plan is very important. Make sure you know how things should work. Carefully following any medication orders and instructions is vital to your plan's success. Make sure you don't run out of supplies just as you refill prescriptions so you don't run out of medication.

Here are some ways you can let us help you reorder supplies:

At Diabetes Management & Supplies, we value the part we play on your treatment plan team and realize that winning is promoting good health.